Free Ignaz Handbook download for NHS staff

Ignaz Handbook is now available in 10 trusts.

Make sure you download the latest: Android Version & iOS Verison apps are available. For queries please

A smartphone app for efficient healthcare professionals

Bringing local know-how to clinicians' pockets

  • Local information for local healthcare professionals
  • Native iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android apps launching in 3 NHS trusts in August 2013
  • App runs on cached content (fast navigation)
  • " An app with local up-to-date content for each NHS Trust "
  • Up-to-date database specific to each Trust
  • Pilot app with view to further roll-out
  • App contains no end-user or patient information
  • Designed to help clinicians get things done in their hospital. Not what to do but how to do it
  • Content like a junior doctors handbook: How do I organise an urgent investigation out-of-hours? Where is the nearest ECG machine? When is the canteen open? How do the bleeps work?
  • The app is named in honour of Dr Ignaz Semmelweis, the hand-washing pioneer. Good hand hygiene is vital for all areas of healthcare.

Login for Authors and Administrators

Secure login.

Password protected login for Author Login Pictureeach local content author and trust administrator. The app contents are written and controlled by each NHS trust via this website. The system is hosted online by the eLearning team of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust. If you can use a word processor, you can use Ignaz Handbook!

Same content visible to all users

Content is kept up-to-date in a single place for all the platforms

Database displayed in both apps and website